Sedona by Manzano Jewelers

Bored of the same look on your belt?

Why not trying a new Native American look at your waist? Let me introduce to you some of the sterling silver belt buckles concho style made by famous Native American Artist from the Navajo Tribe,  “Ron Bedonie”.

His work is recognized for the elegant finest chiseled and distinctive stamping style in his pieces. As with most of his work the pieces he creates are heavy gauge, (I think this need to be felt on your belt to feel the difference.)

Ron Bedonie has won many awards and first-prize ribbons at the Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian competition, I admire his talent placed in his pieces as a personal recognition.

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Our passion for the handcrafted art we found in the Native tribes, brought us to combine the two most exciting worlds of the finest jewelry and the fine collections of Native American from some of the Southern tribes.

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