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Cody Hunter Storyteller Cuff-Bracelet

Hola! I am Gabriela;

I have been staying home through these tough times and I cannot tell you how much my sense of appreciation for life has increased to levels I’ve always desired in the past. I don’t know if you are experiencing the same feelings, but to me, it feels more like a training camp for my spirituality, patience, appreciation, and feelings for the strength to change for a new way to live our lives.

Going through our inventory I found this scene reflected in this piece, cuff-bracelet handcrafted by a Navajo Artist Cody Hunter. He is known for his “Storyteller” bracelets, depicting pueblo life, as it is here in this sterling silver, 14K gold cuff-bracelet

The bracelet reflects a traditional Pueblo family something like what can be compared to a photo taken in any home today under *lock-down* order. The artist has captured the most precious moments in the typical home of a family in the old times; loved ones reunited, quality time, appreciating every moment, strengthening family values, remembering the less fortunate who are suffering for the COVID-19 and eating together in a peaceful, natural environment, reflecting an exemplary life.

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Our passion for the handcrafted art we found in the Native tribes, brought us to combine the two most exciting worlds of the finest jewelry and the fine collections of Native American from some of the Southern tribes.

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