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Tips Identifying Native American Jewelry.

Tips For Identifying Native American Jewelry. The Navajos are one of the largest Tribes living in the four corners of the Southwest. They have a large number of members who are registered silversmiths who hand make wearable art for a living.With such a large number of Navajos Artists creating jewelry, the different styles can be … Read more

Handcrafted Diamond Engagement Ring 14k Gold


Every piece created by Alfonzo Manzano has a story, within the actual piece of jewelry you can feel it’s passion. The story of this ring is even more beautiful with the peculiarity of the current times. Our client who designed and ordered this custom engagement ring shared this photo of his proposal (the photo with … Read more

  The Mar Collection Unique Jewelry

                       The Mar Collection

Original pieces designed by our jeweler; Alfonzo Manzano. With such an imaginative mind and skilled hands, he has been able to create pieces reflecting the beauty and serenity of the sea.

Each piece represents the might and beauty of the waters.

“Shell Shield Necklace”

A one-of-a-kind piece that represents the mystery that still lies in our vast oceans. Although the light has yet to reach the majority of the ocean floor. The beauty that lies below is worth the journey to share with the surface.

Diamonds and Opal  14k Gold Necklace 

GEMS 2: Australian Opal & Diamonds

Metal: 14k White & Yellow Gold

Handcrafted: By Manzano

Artisan jewelry, shell shield necklace, unique sea pendant, diamond & opal,14k gold


“Isla Perdida Necklace”

The second piece of our collection is to remind us there is more to be discovered in the world. The stones representing the landscapes of this piece of land. Lost in Time but not lost in beauty.

An outstanding  Natural Aquamarine and Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold

One of a kind Necklace, Diamond Necklace, Aquamarine , 14k Gold