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Vernon Haskie Silver Bolo Tie Coral

We are pleased to offer this Great Piece; Handmade Heavy Silver Bolo Tie by Vernon Haskie; one of the Greatest Navajo Native American Artist of his generation. This One of a Kind Heavy Sterling Silver Bolo Tie has at the center of a cabochon 18 mm by 13 mm Mediterranean Coral, with black leather (13 mm thick) strings, 2 Multi-stones barrels and 4 Multi-stones ends tips; channel inlay art all with Turquoises from Kingman, Bisbee, #8 and Lone Mountain Mines, Angel Skin Coral, Opal, Onix, Lapiz, shell. Enhanced with elaborated silver work. At the top a handmade 5” long chain with its clasp.


Item: Bola tie

Artist: Vernon Haskie

Tribe: Navajo

Metal: Sterling Silver

Technique: Metal-Single Stone, Multi stones Channel Inlay, Silver Overlay

Height: 35″

Dimensions: 3-1/8” H by 2-6/8” W

Barrels measurements: 2 of 1.25” long and 4 Tips of .75” long

Chain length: 5”

Hallmark: VH Sterling